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Wenn ein Fahrschulauto hinter mir fährt, denke ich immer, dass der Fahrlehrer auf mich zeigt und zu seinem Schüler sagt:” Und genauso mach man es NICHT!”

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Apr 5

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Apr 3

We are in love.


We are in love.

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Marcus Wiebusch - Der Tag wird kommen (by grandhotelvancleef)



Mom, I have a dream.


Mom, I have a dream.

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Perttu Saksa _A Kind of You.

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Krause: It was strange for me filming those last episodes, having closed the book on his life. I felt like a ghost.

Ambrose: I remember him saying that to me, that he felt like a ghost. I love that man, the character and the actor. [When asked about the porch scene, when Claire takes one last picture of the family, Ambrose goes silent and takes a long pause.] I’m crying [audibly sobs]. It’s still in me.

Yulia Ustinova

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